We Are The Developer

On June 18, 2013, the Hammock Dunes Owners’ Association (HDOA) acquired the “Remaining Developer Assets” from HD Associates, LP. This acquisition closed the books on “Developer control” of Hammock Dunes. All current and future property owners are now assured that they can determine their destiny. As Declarant and Developer, we now have both the legal standing and authority to guide the vision of our premier oceanfront community without coordination with a third party. A critical component of this acquisition is the “Declarant Rights”, which are stated throughout our By-Laws, Master Documents, and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). These documents define the roles and responsibilities of all parties, the development vision, and the community governing rules and standards, including infrastructure, landscape, architecture, and rental restrictions. Everyplace these documents use the terminology “Declarant” or “Developer”, the reader can substitute HDOA to better understand how our community currently functions.

HDOA “Acquired” Remaining Developer Assets

  • Declarant Rights
  • Sales Center
  • Billboard Parcel
  • Connection Fee Agreement

Immediately upon assuming its “Declarant and Developer role” in June 2013, the HDOA Board of Administrators amended the By-Laws to create a Declarant and Development Committee (DDC). The DDC charter includes advising the HDOA Board on all matters pertaining to rights and responsibilities as the Declarant, and with Board approval the authority to exercise those rights and responsibilities. The HDOA President chairs the DDC, with membership including the Treasurer plus several other select owners within the community.

In its “Developer Advisory Role” the DDC partners with national and local builders, realtors, Flagler County, the Hammock Dunes Club, and neighboring communities to modernize infrastructure, and assess barrier island properties for potential future development. Our Community Plan represents the initial phase of these efforts.

Strategic Growth Plan

  • Joint HDOA and Club Vision
  • Marketing
  • Computer Modeling
  • Builder Partnerships
  • Realtor Engagement
  • Modernization Program
  • Future Annexation Candidates
  • Hammock Dunes Owners' Association
  • 2 Camino del Mar
  • Palm Coast, Florida 32137
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