Future of Hammock Dunes

As the Developer, the Hammock Dunes Owners’ Association (HDOA) is committed not only to maintaining the health of Hammock Dunes, but also to developing and implementing a visionary strategy that includes builder and realtor partnerships to market and help build-out Hammock Dunes, the establishment of high standards for community maintenance, and the evaluation of nearby properties for potential inclusion into the community. The primary HDOA committee responsible for this strategy is the Declarant and Development Committee (DDC). The DDC has a Strategic Growth Plan for the community in place and is moving forward to implement the first steps of the Plan, including the following:

  • Working closely with the Hammock Dunes Club Board of Governors to ensure the community’s and Club’s strategies and marketing efforts are mutually supportive. We routinely participate in joint planning sessions, and a member of the Club Board sits on the HDOA Board.
  • Marketing the active lifestyle and benefits of living in the Hammock Dunes community. A key element of this marketing is the www.hammockdunes.com website, which enables potential buyers to virtually tour Hammock Dunes and to gain an appreciation for its unique offerings.
  • Computer modeling using Hammock Dunes property owner data. Our comprehensive owner information database and sophisticated computer program enable analyses of historical neighborhood build-out rates and purchase and resale prices. The program also allows us to conduct sensitivity analyses of alternative build-out projections for the community. The results of these analyses help guide future marketing initiatives, builder partnering, and realtor engagements.
  • Creating partnerships with national and local builders to expedite the build-out of remaining home sites and two undeveloped condominium lots within the community. An example is our developing partnership with WCI Communities, LLC, to complete the build-out of two, 64-unit oceanfront condominiums on these lots. We meet regularly with WCI senior management to refine phased construction timelines and recently appointed a WCI officer to our HDOA Board of Administrators as the representative for this future waterfront Hammock Dunes neighborhood. WCI’s participation on the HDOA Board ensures a common HDOA-WCI vision for these two future condominiums.
  • Working with real estate agencies to communicate the unique features of Hammock Dunes that distinguish it from other gated communities. Our realtor initiative includes the distribution of a series of “Did You Know Bulletins” to all local realtors. These bulletins highlight interesting facts about Hammock Dunes so realtors can better present it as “The Place to Buy and Live”. We are also exploring strategic partnerships with select national realtors with international affiliations to broaden Hammock Dunes’ exposure to potential buyers.
  • Implementing a program to update our infrastructure and landscaping to preserve the timeless, Mediterranean-themed look of our community. Recent initiatives include the renovation of the main entrance bridge and replacement of aging plant species throughout the community. Also recently, we partnered with Flagler County and the Florida Department of Transportation in re-curbing, re-paving, and re-landscaping portions of State Road A1A located adjacent to the community. Projects scheduled for 2015 include further enhancements to the main entrance bridge and an upgrading of the main gatehouse.
  • Assessing other properties on our barrier island for potential inclusion into the Hammock Dunes community. Also, we meet frequently with Flagler County governmental planning and administrative staffs to communicate our development plans and gain their insights and support.

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