The Hammock Dunes Private Community is a place where every resident and visitor will feel safe and secure knowing the Community has developed an extensive vehicular monitoring and access control system. The system includes gated entrances, surveillance cameras strategically positioned at both road and beach access points, photo identification of all visitors, and a patrolling officer, all of which are part of a plan to provide the security, privacy, and emergency response that every owner should rightfully expect.

Hammock Dunes has six gated entrances, three of which have staffed gatehouses. Each gatehouse entrance has two entry lanes; one for visitors and one for property owners. The HDOA contracts with a security company to staff the Main Gate House 24 hours a day, year-round. The contract also includes a roving officer who patrols the Community looking for unusual or suspicious incidents, even including issues such as a long-open garage door or a leaking or long-running irrigation system.

Each gate has a minimum of four digital surveillance cameras, and the three gatehouse entrances are equipped with license plate identification cameras. At the north and south ends of the Community, special day/night digital cameras monitor and record activity around the beach crossovers. If conditions require specific monitoring within the gates of the Community, officers can use a remote stealth camera designed for outdoor use. Also, surveillance signage has been installed at various strategic, inconspicuous locations.

All Hammock Dunes gates incorporate the “SmartPass” transponder system and property owners can purchase up to three transponders for their vehicles. At the three main entrances, property owners can bypass visitor traffic by entering the owner lane which is accessed through their personal transponder.

Every contractor and guest who enters Hammock Dunes must have confirmed property owner approval. Gatehouse officers utilize the access control management program TekWave. to register each visitor. Photo identification is required for all visitors, including property owners that enter the visitor side of the gate. All property owners can access their own personal profile through the TekWave website and can authorize contractors or guests as needed for specific timeframes. No solicitation of any kind is allowed.

Hammock Dunes is realtor friendly! However, the Community requires documentation from property owners and their listing agencies to ensure public access is not provided freely. Also, no open houses are allowed.

The Community is buffered by both lush landscape and aluminum and vinyl fencing along its borders with State Road A1A, Hammock Dunes Parkway, and Jungle Hut Road. The Flagler County Sheriff and Fire Departments provide police and fire protection for the entire barrier island, and, with only two roadways available to access Hammock Dunes (Hammock Dunes Parkway Toll Bridge and A1A), the Community is isolated from heavy traffic.

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