It's Turtle Nesting Season!

6/19/2016 - Did you know...

...the HDOA sponsors three turtle nests in support of the Volusia/Flagler County Turtle Patrol sea turtle management program?

The beach is beautiful this time of year and you beachcombers may have noticed the turtle nests popping up all along our dunes. As homeowners we have a responsibility to help conserve Florida's sea turtles.

During the nesting season, May-October, it is important to remain at a distance from the nests.

The condos and homes along the ocean must obey the turtle lighting ordinance. Bright lights disorient and confuse sea turtles. Females choose dark moonlit beaches to lay their eggs. Hatchlings when emerging use the horizon over the water to orient themselves. Lights from condos and homes can cause them to go the wrong way and this can cause death.

On the beach please do not use flashlights or take flash photos around sea turtles. Filling in large holes, picking up litter and removing all items used on the beach by dusk are a great help in keeping our sea turtles safe. No fires are allowed on the beach during turtle season.

When a nest that the HDOA has sponsored has hatched and is ready to be cleaned out by the turtle patrol, an email will be sent to all residents of Hammock Dunes so that you can come, watch and learn. Time and place will be provided.

See you on the beach--have a great summer!

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